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Today is Monday, April 24, 2017

Today in
Beatles History

1965 - The Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" hit #1 in the U.K.

1967 - The Beatles attended a Donovan concert in London.

1968 - The Beatles' Apple Records decided not to sign David Bowie.

1969 - Paul McCartney publicly denied the rumors that he is dead.

1976 - Raquel Welch, Phoebe Snow, John Sebastian and Lorne Michaels were guests on "Saturday Night Live." During this show Lorne Michaels made a statement requesting the Beatles to appear on the show.

Beatles Quote

"I think people who truly can live a life in music are telling the world, 'You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don't need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it's the very best, and it's the part I give most willingly.'"
- George Harrison

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