Today is Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Ronald Reagan History

1982 - President Reagan and the First Lady hosted a reception for the Eureka College Scholarship Committee and major donors.

1984 - President Reagan received the first George Washington Award from a group of National Guard Generals.

1984 - President Reagan and the First Lady attended a private dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. George F. Will.

1985 - President Reagan authorized an airstrike against guerilla positions in El Salvador. The attack was aimed at rebels that had recently killed 4 off duty Marines.

1987 - President Reagan and the First Lady hosted the third Public Television performance of "In Performance at the White House - A Tribute to American Music."

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You know, I can confess to this group that I've been accused of being pro-business. Well, I just have to say "Guilty as charged."
- President Reagan, July 15, 1987

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