Advertising Information

Due to the volume of emails we get from companies wanting to set up a phone call to discuss advertising...we have decided that we won't do any at this time. It is just way too hard to schedule time only to find out that there is no provable information worthy of us making a change to our current ad setup.

That being said, we will accept information provided through our form and will research any potential companies. We are always looking.

We will attempt to answer emails in the order in which they arrive. We will reply if we require further information.

At we try to provide links that will be of interest to our visitors.

We will not display content or links to content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive to an average viewer. Generally speaking, we also tend to avoid political ads.

Ads on are not necessarily an indication that we endorse the product or that has a direct affiliation with the product/website in question.

For ad placement services (example: Google Adsense):
All of the rules for below apply. You are welcome to contact us...but, historically, estimates of large increases (or even small ones) are rarely accurate when we go live with new companies. We very rarely leave new ads up more than a few days due to the numbers/revenue not meeting our current numbers/revenue.

For paid ads:

Please let us know what you have in mind.
  • Where do you want to place your ad?
  • Do you want your ad on all pages throughout our site? Or, just certain pages?
  • Do you want to sponsor a single page...with or without other ads present?
  • Do you want to be in our weekly newsletter?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting your information.
  • All sites must be in English.
  • The site must adhere to copyright rules and regulations.
  • Any major change in content could result in your ad being removed (with no refund).
  • No guarantee of results is implied or expressed for any purchase of ad space.
  • If we find that your site is "down" your ad will be removed (with no refund). We will not allow known "broken" or "dead" links on our site.

When we receive this form we will visit your site and consider your plan.