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American Revolutionary War History

1775 - The Continental Congress engaged missionary Samuel Kirkland to spread the "Gospel amongst the Indians" with the goal of confirming "their affections to the United Colonies...thereby preserving their friendship and neutrality."

1778 - Patriot Colonel Ichabod Alden was attacked by Loyalist and Native Americans east of Cooperstown, New York. More than 40 Patriots, including Alden, were killed and 70 more were taken prisoner. (Cherry Valley Massacre)

Revolutionary War Quotes

"I am wearied to death all day with a variety of perplexing circumstances, disturbed at the conduct of the militia, whose behavior and want of discipline has done great injury to the other troops, who never had officers, except in a few instances, worth the bread they eat."
- George Washington, in a letter to his nephew on September 30, 1776

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