Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Dick Clark's American Bandstand History

1959 - The Drifters performed "Dance With Me" and "True Love, True Love" on American Bandstand.

1966 - Otis Redding performed "Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa" on American Bandstand.

1966 - Music Machine performed "Talk Talk" and "The People in Me" on American Bandstand.

1977 - The Village People appeared on American Bandstand.

1983 - Glen Shorrock performed "Little Girls Get Lonely" and "Til I Love You" on American Bandstand.

1983 - James Ingram performed "Party Animal" on American Bandstand.

Dick Clark Quote

"I never ever saw a side of him that would make me think he was a narcissist or egoist or that he needed to be in front of a camera in order to feel accomplished. It was all one thing for him. I don't think he really cared as long as he was involved."
- Enrique Senior

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