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American Revolutionary War History

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1782 - The British evacuated Georgia as British Royal Governor Sir James Wright left the city of Savannah, and headed toward Charleston, SC.

1780 - In South Carolina, Philadelphia lawyer Captain Christian Huck and 130 Loyalist cavalry arrived at William Bratton's plantation. The next morning at neighboring Williamson's plantation they were attacked and defeated by 500 Patriot militiamen led by William Bratton.

1789 - Lafayette proposed a declaration of rights to the French National Assembly that he had modeled on the American Declaration of Independence. (Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette)

1804 - In Weehawken, New Jersey, Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. Hamilton was shot and died from his wound the following day.

Revolutionary War Quotes

"Our properties within our own territories [should not] be taxed or regulated by any power on earth but our own."
Thomas Jefferson

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