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Beatles History

1962 - The Beatles arrived in West Germany and began a 48-night run of shows at Hamburg's new venue, the Star-Club. The run of shows ended on May 31st.

1964 - The Beatles announced that the title of their first film would be "A Hard Day's Night."

1965 - At the Grammys, the Beatles won Best New Artist and Best Performance by a Vocal Group for "A Hard Day's Night."

1965 - The Beatles recorded the song "Help!" at Abbey Road.

1966 - The Beatles recorded the song "Paperback Writer."

1999 - Yoko Ono sued Fredieric Seaman over personal effects of the late John Lennon. Seaman, a former assistant to Lennon, was accused of "an elaborate scheme" to "exploit Lennon's death by stealing priceless personal and sentimental items."

2000 - Heather Mills won $316,700 in damages for a 1993 accident that involved a British motorcycle officer. Mills, Paul McCartney's girlfriend, received the out-of-court-settlement without any admission of guilt for the loss of her left leg.

2004 - The album "Maximum Beatles" was released on CD.

Beatles Quotes

All we are saying is give peace a chance.
- John Lennon

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