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Ronald Reagan History

1982 - In California, President Reagan addressed the convention of the National League of Cities.

1983 - President Reagan met with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir of Israel.

1984 - German Chancellor Helmut Kohl arrived in Washington for a 2-day visit with President Reagan. Helmut suggested that Reagan visit a cemetery in Germany. This was the beginning of the "Bitburg affair."

1984 - President Reagan presented a special Congressional Gold Medal posthumously to late Representative Leo J. Ryan (R-California).

1985 - President Reagan ordered the the U.S. Air Force to provide fighter cover for Egyptian planes flying from Malta.

1986 - President Reagan called former President Richard M. Nixon.

1988 - President Reagan and the First Lady attended a reception for the Art in Embassies.

1988 - President Reagan and the First Lady attended the Republican Senators dinner at the Library of Congress.

Ronald Reagan Quotes

Communism works only in heaven where they don't need it, and in hell, where they've already got it. - President Reagan, June 22, 1983

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