Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Texas History

1873 - The Texas legislature declared the existence of Wegefarth County. It was organized and was suppressed when the legislature created the current Panhandle counties in 1876.

1875 - The Comanche surrendered to U.S. troops at Fort Sill. The event ended the Red River War and opened the Texas Panhandle to settlers.

1993 - Ronald Ray Howard's murder trial began in Austin, TX. Howard killed a state trooper after listening to Tupac Shakur's "2Pacalypse Now" album. Howard was convicted and sentenced to death.

2007 - In Austin, TX, Prince played with Grupo Fantasma at The Belmont. He was reportedly paid $1 million for performing 6 songs.

2016 - At Fort Hood, TX, nine soldiers were killed when their Light Medium Tactical Vehicle overturned at Owl Creek. Three soldiers in the vehicle survived.

Texas Quotes

I humble myself before God and there the list ends.
- Sam Houston

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