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1793 - Jean Pierre Blanchard made the first balloon flight in North America. The event was witnessed by U.S. President George Washington.

1832 - Abraham Lincoln announced that he would run for a political office for the first time. He was unsuccessful in his run for a seat in the Illinois state legislature.

1989 - In the U.S., President Bush urged for a mandatory death penalty in drug-related killings.

2006 - U.S. President George W. Bush signed into law a renewal of the USA Patriot Act.

2009 - U.S. President Barack Obama removed limits on using federal funds for embryonic stem cell research that had been put in place by U.S. President George W. Bush.

U.S. President Quotes

"We must stand for our beliefs and our values and in doing so, inaugurate a forward strategy for freedom."
- President Reagan, July 11, 1982

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