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Ronald Reagan History

1981 - U.S. President Reagan attended a National Security Council meeting to approve a Civil Defense buildup.

1981 - A rumor was started that President Reagan had suffered a heart attack.

1981 - President Reaga met with presidents and excutive directors of State Municipal Leagues and County Associations to discuss federalism policy.

1981 - President Reagan met with several editors of Readers Digest. Most of the questions were on foreign policy.

1982 - President Reagan left Brazil for Bogota, Colombia. While in Colombia he met with the President of Colombia.

1983 - Three-foot-high concrete barriers were installed at two White House entrances.

1983 - President Reagan gave the order for retaliation strikes against Syrian anti-aircraft positions that had fired on U.S. un-manned reconnaissance planes.

1987 - President Reagan said there was a good chance of progress toward a treaty on long-range weapons with Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

1988 - President Reagan made a National Address about his upcoming meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev.

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"To those who cite the first amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions and everyday life, may I just say: The first amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny."
- President Reagan, March 15, 1982

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