Monday, May 27, 2024

Today in
Television History

1950 - Frank Sinatra made his TV debut on NBC's "Star-Spangled Review."

1961 - Johnny Cash appeared on NBC's "The Deputy."

1982 - The final episode of "Bosom Buddies" aired on ABC.

1982 - The final episode of "Mork and Mindy" aired on ABC.

1987 - Jim and Tammy Bakker appeared on "Nightline" following the PTL scandal.

1988 - The final episode of "Punky Brewster" aired on NBC.

1994 - "The Arsenio Hall Show" aired for the last time. The show was revived for a single season in 2013.

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Today in
Dick Clark's American Bandstand History

1967 - The Buckinghams performed "Kind of a Drag" and "Mercy Mercy Mercy" on American Bandstand.

1972 - Love Unlimited performed "Walkin' in the Rain with the One I Love" on American Bandstand.

1972 - Peter Yarrow performed "Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom" on American Bandstand.

1978 - Donna Summer performed "Last Dance" on American Bandstand.

1978 - The Brooklyn Dreamers performed "Music, Harmony, and Rhythm" on American Bandstand.

Dick Clark - American Bandstand Quote

"He had boundless energy and a remarkable ability to do innumerable things at any given time."
- Fran La Maina, the longtime president of Dick Clark Productions Inc.

Today in
Saturday Night Live History

2003 - There is nothing available for this this time.

Saturday Night Live Quote

Dad always said that laughter is the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died from tuberculosis.
- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

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