Saturday, March 25, 2023

Today in
Television History

1954 - RCA manufactured its first color TV set and began mass production.

1968 - The 58th and final episode of "The Monkees" TV show was aired.

1972 - The final episode of "Bewitched" was aired on ABC.

1977 - The final episode of "Sanford and Son" was aired.

1986 - The first episode of "Perfect Strangers" aired on ABC.

2002 - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) dismissed complaints against Walt Disney Co.'s ABC network broadcast of a Victoria's Secret fashion show in November 2001.

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Today in
Dick Clark's American Bandstand History

1959 - The Flamingos performed "Lovers Never Say Goodbye" on American Bandstand.

1960 - The Temptations (not the Motown group) performed "Barbara" on American Bandstand.

1972 - Joe Tex performed "I Gotcha" and "You Said a Bad Word" on American Bandstand.

1978 - Raydio performed "Jack and Jill" on American Bandstand.

Dick Clark - American Bandstand Quote

"He had boundless energy and a remarkable ability to do innumerable things at any given time."
- Fran La Maina, the longtime president of Dick Clark Productions Inc.

Today in
Saturday Night Live History

1953 - Mary Gross was born.

1978 - Christopher Lee, Meat Loaf, Richard Belzer and Stacy Keach were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1989 - Mary Tyler Moore and Elvis Costello were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1995 - John Goodman and Tragically Hip were guests on Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live Quote

We're going to be around forever.
- Elliot Gould, to the cast of Saturday Night Live

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