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U.S. Civil War History

1862 - In Louisville, Kentucky, Union General Jefferson C. Davis mortally wounded his commanding officer, General William Nelson. Nelson had slapped Davis during a quarrel in a hotel lobby. Davis chased Nelson upstairs and shot him. Davis was never court-martialed.

1864 - Union General Ulysses S. Grant attacked forces under Confederate General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of New Market Heights (Chaffin's Farm/Fort Harrison). The attempt failed.

1864 - Confederate General John Bell Hood began tearing up the Western and Atlantic Railroad.

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U.S. Civil War Quotes

"The dead of the battle-field come up to us very rarely, even in dreams. We see the list in the morning paper at breakfast, but dismiss its recollection with the coffee. Mr. Matthew Brady has done something to bring us the terrible reality and earnestness of the war. If he has not brought bodies and laid them in our door-yards and along our streets, he has done something very like it."
- The New York Times