Today is Friday, August 12, 2022

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U.S. President History

1867 - U.S. President Andrew Johnson sparked a move to impeach him when he defied Congress by suspending Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.

1955 - U.S. President Eisenhower increased the minimum wage to $1 an hour.

1993 - U.S. President Clinton signed a relief package for the flooded areas of the Midwest United States.

1993 - U.S. President Clinton lifted the ban on rehiring air traffic controllers that had been fired for going on strike in 1981.

2015 - It was announced that former President Jimmy Carter had cancer and that he would undergo treatment in Atlanta, GA.

U.S. President Quotes

"We're enjoying sluggish time, and not enjoying them very much."
- George H.W. Bush, January 2, 1992

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