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World War I History

1914 - The German cruiser Dresden transported Mexican president Victoriano Huerta and his family to Jamaica where they received asylum from the British government.

1916 - Divisions of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, known as ANZAC, arrived in the Sommer region. Two days later they began their objective of capturing Pozieres Ridge. (Battle of Somme)

1917 - In Greece, the Corfu Declaration (The Pact of Corfu) was signed by the Yugoslav Committee and representatives of the Kingdom of Serbia. The agreement made the creation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia possible.

1918 - "We stand at the turning point of the war: what I expected first for the autumn, the necessity to go over to the defensive, is already on us, and in addition all the gains which we made in the spring--such as they were--have been lost again." - Crown Prince Rupprecht, July 20, 1918

World War I Quote

"The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."
- British foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey on August 3, 1914

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