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World War I History

1915 - In the South Atlantic Ocean, a German cruiser intercepted the American merchant ship William P. Frye. The next day, after the ship failed to jettison its cargo the German cruiser sunk it.

1916 - The granting of royal assent was given for the Military Service Act 1916. The act was passed by the British Parliament on August 12, 1914. It was the first time British legislation had been passed introducing consciption.

1918 - In Berlin, German workers prepared for a general strike to begin the next day. On January 28, about 100,000 workers took to the streets to demand an end to the war on all fronts.

World War I Quote

"We stand at the turning point of the war: what I expected first for the autumn, the necessity to go over to the defensive, is already on us, and in addition all the gains which we made in the spring--such as they were--have been lost again."
- Crown Prince Rupprecht, July 20, 1918

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