Here is a list of frequently asked questions.
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Why can't I remove the "On This Day" app from my Facebook page?
On-This-Day.com is not in any way responsible for this app at http://facebook.com/onthisday or anything it does. This is a Facebook app/option. We do not and cannot post your older Facebook posts and pictures on your Facebook timeline....this is not even possible. We post daily events/facts in history. You may be asking...why did they post this on their own site? The answer is fairly simple: hopefully putting this information on our site will slow down the amount of unbelievably hateful and paranoid conspiracy theory emails we get about something we are not responsible for. And, yes, we have received plenty.

Our Facebook pages are listed here.

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Why do I see errors on this site?
We make every effort for our site to be error free. However, we are human. We are certainly capable of making errors. All pages have been spell checked...but, this process has some flaws.
  • Proper Names are not checked with spell check. Therefore, if a celebrities last name is spelled wrong it is up to the person who edited that line to know how to spell the name. Obviously, with the quantity of names listed on our site...and the fact that no single person is an expert on everything in the world....there is room for error.
  • Each time a small update is made the entire page will not be spell checked again. So, this has been a source of many of the errors recently.
    Many error reports we receive are about the intricate details of an entry. Everyone is an expert on something. If you know more about an entry or have suggestions to make an entry more accurate please let us know.
    If you see an error (or what you believe is an error) please take a moment and let us know. We respond to every email that is respectful and includes an email address. Use this link: Error Report
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    How do I give you my opinion about this site?
    Provide Feedback - Use this link to ask questions or give us feedback about our site. All forms of feedback (about our store, our products, suggestions, etc.) should be sent through this form.
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    If I send you an email, will I get a response?
    We will try to respond to all email forms we get. The majority of responses occur within 24 hours. There are three requirements for you to get a response:
  • You must include your email address.
  • Your email must be worded in a respectful way. There is no reason to be hateful if you notice an error...it is an error, not a direct attack on you.
  • The amount of emails we are dealing with must be reasonable at the time.
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    Why is the birthday of Jesus Christ not listed on December 25th?
    There is not a single expert that seems to think that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. This is the day his birthday is celebrated. The Bible does not mention his birth date. The fact is nobody can seem to isolate the year, month or day of his birthday. Therefore, we cannot list it in a particular place. In addition, we have not even been able to find the date that December 25th, the date chosen by Pope Julius I of Rome in 350 A.D., became the celebrated day of Christ's birthday.
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    Where do you get your information?
    We obtain information from many different sources...way too many to list here. There is no single source of totally (100%) accurate information. Although, we would like to think that we are one of the most comprehensive and accurate websites available.
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    Why did you separate crime, disaster and death events from the other historic events?
    We did this in an effort to make the average page more "kid" friendly. This is an ongoing process. These events are still listed on our site in the Crime, Disasters and Death topic pages.
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