Today is Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Today in
Crime History

1934 - Alcatraz, in San Francisco Bay, received federal prisoners for the first time.

1965 - Riots and looting took place in the Watts section of Los Angeles, CA. During the week that followed 34 people were killed. In addition, over 1,000 were injured, 3,000 were arrested and over $40 million in damage was done.

1991 - Edward Tracey, an American, was released by Shiite Muslim kidnappers. He had been held for nearly five years. Jerome Leyraud was also released. Leyraud, a Frenchman, had been kidnapped three days earlier.

1995 - A federal investigation was opened concerning the deadly siege at Ruby Ridge, ID, in 1992. The investigation was to find out whether FBI officials approved a "shoot on sight" order.

Today in
Disaster History

1856 - On Last Island, LA, a hurricane killed 400 people.

1974 - In Ouagadougou, Upper Volta, 47 people were killed when an Air Mali flight crashed after running out of fuel. After being diverted because of bad weather the crew had mistakenly circled the wrong city.

1979 - In Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine, 178 people died when to Aeroflot flights crashed in midair.

1999 - Buford Furrow, Jr., surrendered to the FBI and admitted that he was the gunman that wounded three children and two staff members at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles on August 10. Furrow was a member of white supremacist groups in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. He also killed a postal worker while fleeing the scene of the shooting spree.

Today in
Death History

1956 - Abstract artist Jackson Pollack died in an automobile accident in East Hampton, NY.

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