Today is Saturday, December 7, 2019

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Crime History

1993 - Passenger Colin Ferguson murdered six people and injured 19 others on the LIRR in Nassau County, NY. (The Long Island Rail Road massacre)

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Disaster History

1946 - In Atlanta, GA, 119 people were killed in a fire at the Winecoff Hotel.

1970 - In Constanta, Romania, a Tarom flight crashed during poor weather conditions. 18 of the 17 people onboard were killed.

1973 - In Moscow, Russia, 13 people were killed when an Aeroflot flight crashed during landing. 59 people survived the crash.

1988 - In Armenia, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake killed about 25,000 people. More than 15,000 were injured and at least 400,000 were left homeless.

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