Today is Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Crime History

1925 - The U.S. Treasury Department announced that it had fined 29,620 people for prohibition (of alcohol) violations.

1986 - Pro-Iranian kidnappers in Lebanon claimed that they had abducted American writer Edward Tracy. He was not released until August of 1991.

1988 - Former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos and his wife, Imelda, were indicted in New York on fraud and racketeering charges. Marcos died before his trial and Imelda was acquitted in 1990.

1994 - Rosario Ames, the wife of CIA agent Aldrich Ames, was sentenced to five years in prison for her role in her husband's espionage.

1998 - 68 people were arrested in Indonesia for the killing spree that left nine suspected murderers dead.

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Disaster History

1966 - In Aberfan, Wales, 144 people were killed in an avalanche of coal, waste, mud and rocks. 116 children were killed while in school.

1972 - In Athens, Greece, 37 people were killed when an Olympic Airways flight crashed into the ocean while on approach in poor visibility. Sixteen people survived the crash.

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