The Presidents of the United States

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George Washington (bio)
First U.S. President
Served: 1789-1797
Born: February 22, 1732
Born in: Wakefield, Wetmoreland County, VA
Died: December 14, 1799
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John Adams (bio)
Second U.S. President
Served: 1797-1801
Born: October 30, 1735
Born in: Braintree (now Quincy), MA
Died: July 4, 1826
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Thomas Jefferson (bio)
Third U.S. President
Served: 1801-1809
Born: April 13, 1743
Born in: Shadwell, Goochland (now Albemarle) County, VA
Died: July 4, 1826
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James Madison (bio)
Fourth U.S. President
Served: 1809-1817
Born: March 16, 1751
Born in: Port Conway, King George County, VA
Died: June 28, 1836
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James Monroe (bio)
Fifth U.S. President
Served: 1817-1825
Born: April 28, 1758
Born in: Westmoreland County, VA
Died: July 4, 1831
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John Quincy Adams (bio)
Sixth U.S. President
Served: 1825-1829
Born: July 11, 1767
Born in: Braintree (now Quincy), MA
Died: February 3, 1848
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Andrew Jackson (bio)
Seventh U.S. President
Served: 1829-1837
Born: March 15, 1767
Born in: Waxhaw district, on the border of NC and SC
Died: June 8, 1845
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Martin Van Buren (bio)
Eighth U.S. President
Served: 1837-1841
Born: December 5, 1782
Born in: Kinderhook, NY
Died: July 24, 1862
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William Henry Harrison (bio)
Ninth U.S. President
Served: 1841
Born: February 9, 1773
Born in: Berkeley, Charles City County, VA
Died: April 4, 1841
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John Tyler (bio)
Tenth U.S. President
Served: 1841-1845
Born: March 29, 1790
Born in: Greenway, Charles City County, VA
Died: January 18, 1862
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James Knox Polk (bio)
Eleventh U.S. President
Served: 1845-1849
Born: November 2, 1795
Born in: Mecklenburg County, NC
Died: June 15, 1849
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Zachary Taylor (bio)
Twelfth U.S. President
Served: 1849-1850
Born: November 24, 1784
Born in: Orange County, VA
Died: July 9, 1850
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Millard Fillmore (bio)
Thirteenth U.S. President
Served: 1850-1853
Born: January 7, 1800
Born in: Cayuga County, NY
Died: March 8, 1874
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Franklin Pierce (bio)
Fourteenth U.S. President
Served: 1853-1857
Born: November 23, 1804
Born in: Hillsboro, NH
Died: October 8, 1869
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James Buchanan (bio)
Fifteenth U.S. President
Served: 1857-1861
Born: April 23, 1791
Born in: Mercersburg, PA
Died: June 1, 1868
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Abraham Lincoln (bio)
Sixteenth U.S. President
Served: 1861-1865
Born: February 12, 1809
Born in: Hardin County, KY
Died: April 15, 1865
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Andrew Johnson (bio)
Seventeenth U.S. President
Served: 1865-1869
Born: December 29, 1808
Born in: Raleigh, NC
Died: July 31, 1875
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Ulysses S. Grant (bio)
Eighteenth U.S. President
Served: 1869-1877
Born: April 27, 1822
Born in: Point Pleasant, OH
Died: July 23, 1885
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Rutherford B. Hayes (bio)
Nineteenth U.S. President
Served: 1877-1881
Born: October 4, 1822
Born in: Delaware, OH
Died: January 17, 1893
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James Abram Garfield (bio)
Twentieth U.S. President
Served: 1881
Born: November 19, 1831
Born in: Orange, Cayuga County, OH
Died: September 19, 1881
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Chester Alan Arthur (bio)
Twenty-first U.S. President
Served: 1881-1885
Born: October 5, 1829
Born in: Fairfield, VT
Died: November 18, 1886
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Grover Cleveland (bio)
Twenty-second and twenty-fourth U.S. President
Served: 1885-1889 and 1893-1897
Born: March 18, 1837
Born in: Caldwell, NJ
Died: June 24, 1908
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Benjamin Harrison (bio)
Twenty-third U.S. President
Served: 1889-1893
Born: August 20, 1833
Born in: North Bend, OH
Died: March 13, 1901
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William McKinley (bio)
Twenty-fifth U.S. President
Served: 1897-1901
Born: January 29, 1843
Born in: Niles, OH
Died: September 14, 1901
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Theodore Roosevelt (bio)
Twenty-sixth U.S. President
Served: 1901-1909
Born: October 27, 1858
Born in: New York City, NY
Died: January 6, 1919
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William Howard Taft (bio)
Twenty-seventh U.S. President
Served: 1909-1913
Born: September 15, 1857
Born in: Cincinnati, OH
Died: March 8, 1930
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Woodrow Wilson (bio)
Twenty-eighth U.S. President
Served: 1913-1921
Born: December 28, 1856
Born in: Staunton, VA
Died: February 23, 1924
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Warren G. Harding (bio)
Twenty-ninth U.S. President
Served: 1921-1923
Born: November 2, 1865
Born in: near Corsica (now Blooming Grove), OH
Died: August 2, 1923
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Calvin Coolidge (bio)
Thirtieth U.S. President
Served: 1923-1929
Born: July 4, 1872
Born in: Plymouth, VT
Died: January 5, 1933
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Herbert Clark Hoover (bio)
Thirty-first U.S. President
Served: 1929-1933
Born: August 10, 1874
Born in: West Branch, IA
Died: October 20, 1964
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (bio)
Thirty-second U.S. President
Served: 1933-1945
Born: January 30, 1882
Born in: Hyde Park, NY
Died: April 12, 1945
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Harry S. Truman (bio)
Thirty-third U.S. President
Served: 1945-1953
Born: May 8, 1884
Born in: Lamar, MO
Died: December 26, 1972
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Dwight David Eisenhower (bio)
Thirty-fourth U.S. President
Served: 1953-1961
Born: October 14, 1890
Born in: Denison, TX
Died: March 28, 1969
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (bio)
Thirty-fifth U.S. President
Served: 1961-1963
Born: May 29, 1917
Born in: Brookline, MA
Died: November 22, 1963
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Lyndon B. Johnson (bio)
Thirty-sixth U.S. President
Served: 1963-1969
Born: August 27, 1908
Born in: near Stonewall, TX
Died: January 22, 1973
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Richard Milhous Nixon (bio)
Thirty-seventh U.S. President
Served: 1969-1974
Born: January 9, 1913
Born in: Yorba Linda, CA
Died: April 22, 1994
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Gerald Rudolph Ford (bio)
Thirty-eighth U.S. President
Served: 1974-1977
Born: July 14, 1913
Born in: Omaha, NE
Died: December 26, 2006
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Jimmy (James Earl) Carter (bio)
Thirty-ninth U.S. President
Served: 1977-1981
Born: October 1, 1924
Born in: Plains, GA
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Ronald Wilson Reagan (bio)
Fortieth U.S. President
Served: 1981-1989
Born: February 6, 1911
Born in: Tampico, IL
Died: June 5, 2004
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George H.W. Bush (bio)
Forty-first U.S. President
Served: 1989-1993
Born: June 12, 1924
Born in: Milton, MA
Died: November 30, 2018
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Bill (William Jefferson) Clinton (bio)
Forty-second U.S. President
Served: 1993-2001
Born: August 19, 1946
Born in: Hope, AR
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George W. Bush (bio)
Forty-third U.S. President
Served: 2001-2009
Born: July 6, 1946
Born in: New Haven, CT
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Barack H. Obama (bio)
Forty-fourth U.S. President
Served: 2009-2017
Born: August 4, 1961
Born in: Honolulu, HI
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Donald J. Trump (bio)
Forty-fifth U.S. President
Served: 2017-2021
Born: June 14, 1946
Born in: New York City, NY
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Joeseph R. Biden Jr. (bio)
Forty-sixth U.S. President
Served: 2021-
Born: November 20, 1942
Born in: Scranton, PA
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